I was born and raised in France.
I’ve been working mostly as a film editor since 1998. I’ve edited more than 50 fiction films and a dozen documentaries.
As a film editor, assistant editor or post-production manager, I have had the opportunity to work with Baz Luhrmann, Luc Besson, Thierry Binisti, René Manzor, Hervé Renoh.



THE HOLY GIFT (Documentary - 120min)
TAXI DRIVER: PARANOIA PROJECTED ONTO THE SCREEN (Documentary - 52min - Ind production) video
YAN CAILLASSE LIVE IN "LE ZEBRE DE BELLEVILLE" (Concert - 80min - Siptrott Prod - Commission)
L'ECOLE EST FINIE (Documentary - 13min - Marathon - Planète - Commission)
SOCIETE GENERALE (Commercial - 30s - Ind production) video
ADAM'S COMPLEX (Le compexe d'Adam) (Fiction - 7min - Les films du requin) video
NEW MESSIAHS (Les nouveaux Messies) (Fiction - 8min - Media 33)

FILM EDITOR (non exhaustive list)

Fiction films
MURDER IN HAUTE-SAVOIE (Meurtre en Haute-Savoie) by René Manzor (90min - Terence Films - Broadcasted on France 3)
THE BODY OF THE ELDERLY (Le corps des vieux) by Louise de Prémonville (20 min - Hybrid Films)
DOC MARTIN Season 4 by Rodolphe Chauvin (52min - Ego Production - Broadcasted on TF1)
MISSING (Disparus) by Thierry Binisti (2x90min - Ramona Productions - Broadcasted on France 3)
CAREFREE (Les Insouciants) by Louise de Prémonville (24min - Abelina Films Production - Broadcasted on OCS)
JULIE LESCAUT by René Manzor (2x90min - GMT - Broadcasted on TF1)
ANTIGONE 34 by Roger Simonsz (Fiction - 4x52min - Mascaret Films - Broadcasted on France 2)
DOC MARTIN Season 2 by Didier Delaître (52min - Ego Production - Broadcasted on TF1)
THE JUDGE IS A WOMAN (Le juge est une femme) by René Manzor (2x52min - Ego Production - Broadcasted on TF1)
MARTHE RICHARD by Thierry Binisti (90min - Septembre Productions - Broadcasted on France 3)
DOC MARTIN Season 1 by Arnaud Selignac (52min - Ego Production - Broadcasted on TF1)
LOUIS THE XVth, THE BLACK SUN by Thierry Binisti (90min - Les Films d'Ici - Broadcasted on France 2)
BATTERED (Cabossés) by Louise de Prémonville (16min - Kaléo films - Broadcasted on TPS Star)
ODYSSEY OF LOVE by Thierry Binisti (90min - Transparence Production - Broadcasted on France 2)
SECOND CHANCE (30x26min - Alma Productions - Broadcasted on TF1)
VERSAILLES, THE DREAM OF A KING by Thierry Binisti (90min - Les Films d'Ici - Broadcasted on France 2)
SAINT-EX by Vincent Sacripanti (3x26min - Exilene - Broadcasted on France 2)
MAKE YOURSELF AT HOME! by Emmanuelle Dubergey & Pascal Heylbroeck (8x52min - Rendez-vous - Broadcasted on M6)
DOCK 13 by Fred Demont (2x52min - Marathon - Broadcasted on M6)
SAINT-TROPEZ by Vincent Garenq, Sylvie Ayme, Hervé Renoh, Fred Demont (20x52min - Marathon - Broadcasted on M6)

THE NEW VERTUS OF MEDITATION by Benoît Laborde (60min - MFP - Broadcasted on Arte)
SUMMER OF JEANNE by Franck Cuvelier (60min - MFP - Broadcasted on France 2)
48 HOURS by Thierry de Lestrade (52min - WHAT'S UP FILMS - Broadcasted on France 5)
CATWALKS SEASON 1 by Pascal Mourier (15x 26min - MEDIA PRESS - Broadcasted on Elle Girl)
SUMMER OF JEANNE by Franck Cuvelier (60min - MFP - Broadcasted on France 2)
SURESNES CITE DANSE by Vincent Barthélemy (26min - La Belle télé - Broadcasted on France Ô)
THE INCUBATOR by Aurélie Condou (6X60min - She’s the boss - Broadcasted on June)
CAPTOWN by Camille le Pomellec (60min - Giraf Prod - Broadcasted on TF1)
THE SECRET LIFE OF CLINT EASTWOOD by Pierre Maraval (90 min - Giraf Prod - Broadcasted on Chérie 25)
CONFESSION OF A FORMER GANGSTER by Aurélie Condou (52min - No Name - Broadcasted on Toute l’Histoire)
I'VE DECIDED TO BE HAPPY (80min - Bonne Pioche - Broadcasted on M6)
JEAN DANIEL by Joël Calmettes (52min - Chiloé Prod - Broadcasted on France 5)
AXEL PAHLAVI by Joëlle Oosterlinck (26min - Image et Compagnie - Broadcasted on Arte)
THE METAMORPHOSIS OF A PIECE OF ART by Joël Calmettes (52min - Chiloé Productions)
MELANIE AND THE OTHERS by Nadine de Chanvalon (26min - Label Télé - Broadcasted on France 2)
WELCOME TO MY COUNTRY by Vincent Garenq, Michael Souhaïté (10x13min - Marathon - Broadcasted on Planète)
H&H by Mike Magidson (26min - Broadcasted on Season)


1998/01: Assistant editor on 75 TV shows
1997/98: Trainee Laboratory in Telcipro-France
1994/97: E.S.R.A (Cinema School in Paris-France)